Our Product & Service Warranty

GRD Gutter Guard takes our products and service seriously. By providing you with top-notch product & service warranty, your gutters are protected for years to come.

Product Warranty

Our gutter guards are protected by a 20 year product warranty. Proudly made in Australia with high-quality materials such as metal, aluminium & stainless steel. GRD Gutter Guard supports the Australian Industry and consumer.

Our colour coated products use AkzoNobel Interpon D1010 Premium Powder Coatings. This increases the life and durability of the mesh and fixings.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our workmanship guarantee is built to match our high-quality gutter guard. You can count on GRD Gutter Guard to not only provide a high-quality product but also professional and reliable fitment with our 20 year workmanship guarantee.

After Sales Gutter Guard Service

GRD Gutter Guard can provide you with after sales gutter guard service for your gutter guard installation. Gutter guard decreases the work involved with gutter cleaning and maintenance. However, it doesn’t make your gutters and roof maintenance-free. 

Many roofs and gutters will still require periodic cleaning. Leafs and twigs can still settle on top of the guard, although they will no longer block your gutters. Over time, if left in place, the organic material will breakdown and can pass through the mesh. By design, the mesh will allow this to be cleaned without removal.

For homes in bushfire prone areas, our after sales gutter guard service is especially important. Homes with heavy leaf fall will require regular clearing, as stagnant leaves can pose a fire hazard.

Talk to the team at GRD Gutter Guard about how you can best care for your newly installed metal gutter guard.


Why Choose GRD Gutter Guard?

When choosing a gutter guard installer, you want to know that you’re getting the best product, service, workmanship and, of course, value. At GRD Gutter Guard, it’s our goal to provide you with exactly that.

Each job is custom ordered, so you know you’re getting the right colour and fit for your job.

We pride ourselves on being a local business on the Central Coast and Newcastle areas. Servicing both districts and their surrounding areas. We care about our reputation, but more importantly, about our customers and the service we give them. When you choose GRD Gutter Guard, you’ll know you’re getting the best products and service you deserve.

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